Nail Care

  Pedicure and manicure                                (350 EGP )


  Filing and shaping of the free edge, clipping any nonliving tissue and the application of polish


  Foot Pedicure -             220 EGP

  Hand manicure -           180 EGP

  Artificial Nails -          250 EGP


  Runway nail polish Hands Or Feet       ( 90 EGP  )  

  Runway nail polish Hands and Feet    (150 EGP ) 


  Kinetics nail polish Hands Or Feet       ( 110 EGP  )  

  Kinetics nail polish Hands and Feet    ( 180 EGP ) 


  NEW SET HARD GEL / ACRYLIC ( without color )        900 EGP
  REFILL HARD GEL / ACRYLIC     ( including color )        550 EGP

  HARD GEL ACRYLIC/ REMOVER                                        190 EGP

  GEL / ACRYLIC REMOVER                                                   150 EGP

  GEL POLISH                                                                             450 EGP





   Paraffin wax treatments are beneficial to dry, cracked hands and feet. Paraffin is an excellent moisturizer because it forms      a light waterproof coating over your skin that helps it retain the oils produced by your body. This "waterproofing" makes       paraffin treatments great for soothing and healing dry, cracked skin -- particularly winter-worn hands and feet -- because it     offers protection from external elements.

  Paraffin Wax for Hands and Feet              ( 350 EGP )

  Paraffin Wax for Hands              180 EGP

  Paraffin Wax for Feet                   220 EGP


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The Glowing Spa Package     ( 4 hours )             

 ( EGP1950 Instead of EGP 2280)

1. Turkish Bath 
2.Anti Stress Massage 30 Min
3. Veny Spa Hydrafacial