Body Scrubs


It has been a tradition for the thousands of years to exfoliate dead skin cells by using the scrub mitts. You can see your body dead skin debris to be removed, meanwhile, your body lymphatic system will also be stimulated, helping your body detoxify more efficiently. The entire experience will leave your body feeling silky smooth and tender.

  1-Standard Moroccan Bath    (EGP 380)

     (Moroccan bath + herbal body mask)

  2-Veny Spa Moroccan Bath       (EGP 450)

    (Moroccan bath + herbal body mask + Face mask + Hair mask)

 3-Royal Moroccan Bath               (EGP 550)

     (Moroccan Bath + 2 different body masks + Hair mask +Face mask)

 4-turkish Bath                                     (EGP 590)

     (dead skin removal +turkish body mask + Hair mask +Face mask + 20 min. body massaging)

** all prices not including Moroccan lufa


7 Days a week
12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

   Visa payment is available
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