Veny Spa

  At Veny spa, we bring you the best of both worlds! When ancient Eastern massage therapies combine with advanced Western                technology, the results are undeniable. We provide an environment of total relaxation, while offering spa services that deliver their           promises.

  Our relaxing and therapeutic massage treatments provide long-lasting benefits in addition to making you feel better instantly. We offer      tangible results and avoid trendy, ineffective spa treatments with empty claims.All of our massage therapists are trained, certified              practitioners with years of experience in understanding the body's healing abilities. They can help alleviate the effects of                          stress,overuse, tension, and strain on your body. 

  Our skin care specialists are trained in techniques that truly address your unique concerns and issues.We offer tangible results and        avoid trendy, ineffective spa treatments with empty claims.

  We invite you to examine our exceptional, custom-tailored spa treatments, ones you will find only at veny Spa! You owe it to yourself        and you deserve it! We are located on beautiful Egypt – Cairo .



7 Days a week
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM


   Visa payment is available
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The Glowing Spa Package     ( 4 hours )             

 ( EGP1950 Instead of EGP 2280)

1. Turkish Bath 
2.Anti Stress Massage 30 Min
3. Veny Spa Hydrafacial